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The Bible – God’s Love Letter


       The only way to know what love is, is to know God.  Love defines God, yet more importantly God defines love.  The two are in many ways abstract concepts to us.  Many feel that God is unknowable, but that would make love unknowable – or at least very subjectively so.  The key is an source of objective truth.  That is where the Bible comes in.  
       I won’t take time to try and prove the Bible is true.  That is not the proper way to use it.  Truth is not presented in the Bible in the objective sense.  It is not meant to be something that we obligate people to believe because of it objectivity.  


       God reveals Himself and His love through the Bible.  The Bible is objective truth, yet we come to it as subjective individuals.  All that we need to be fulfilled in every way and at every level can be found in its pages.  Yet, the most important needs – the eternal ones – are the dominant themes here.  At the same time God reveals truth to meet our temporal individual and societal  needs as well.  The Bible is composed more of principles, precepts and probabilities than of procedures and picky plans.  This is what makes it such a timeless letter of love for all people of all times.
      God’s love is the central message of the Bible.  When you read the Bible, what you are able to see has a lot to do with your heart.  If you only see dry history, archaic cultures or moral requirements then you missed the heart of it.  The Holy Spirit will help the humble to see a love that is bigger then the universe.  The arrogance of our modern age blinds us.  Our supposedly great knowledge, our lofty view of self, and our busy superficiality all serve to blind us.  Yet, His love still is there, quietly reaching out His hand.  Will you take it?

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