3400 FM 2693, New Waverly, Tx

Our History and Facilities

New Hope was born as a church on September 11, 1955.  That means that the church is 57 years old.  Wow, that’s old enough to be a senior citizen.  It’s time that we use the wisdom of our age to change the world.  The church has much going for it to build on.


The church has had many great pastors throughout the years.  Most notable of them in recent year was brother Robert Nichols who pastured New Hope from 1994 – 2005.  The church has some faithful prayer warriors who just want to be used of God and to touch lives.  The older members are not locked into one way of doing things, but are willing to do whatever they can to be a blessing to the lives of the most people possible.  They truly have a heart for the lost both young and old alike.


Our facilities are small but debt free.  The sanctuary is quaint with wood paneling throughout and will seat 100 or more.  We have plenty of extra classroom space.  We have a family life center with a gym, a nice kitchen, and more classroom space if needed.  It a small parsonage on location in the old fashions style.  The church even has an active cemetery where  members can still honor family members close by.
The current pastor (me) can be a bit crazy at times, but he believes in a God that is bigger than his own mistakes.  Come join some messed up people as we seek our God to change us from the inside out.


We are situated way out in the country.  It is the perfect place to photograph boondocks or just get alone with God.  It also may be the perfect place to change the world from.  See the map for details on how to get here