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About Us

New Hope Baptist Church is committed to restoring the many of the forgotten truths of historic Christianity and relating them to a digital generation. We actually want to put into practice the old adage: Same Message/ Different Method


Many groups have used this phrase yet have watered down the message of Christianity and created what is often called  “Christianity Light”, “seeker sensitive churches”, “a man centered gospel”, etc. This never been intentional but it is the net result.  We don’t know if we will do any better, but believe it is worth the effort.  As such we will try to simple go to the bible, take it at face value and try, with the Holy Spirit as our teacher, to simply apply the whole counsel of God’s word to our lives.  Please pray with us.  If you wish to be involved you may find something on this website that God will use to ignite the fire of your heart.  The site is new and we are adding to it regularly so if you don’t find what you are after, look us up again in a few weeks.  Things may change quite a bit.


If you wonder what we mean by “restoring historic Christianity” and your worried that we might be a cult.  Check out our article titled “A Crisis of Doctrine”.  It is currently under the Sermon Transcripts section of this site.